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MUSKBOT is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot that binds with most of the market’s latest crypto exchange platform such as Binance, Huobi, OKEx and etc. It is relatively low risk, high reward, ready to profit on the first day trading with API connection to communicate with all of the world’s TOP crypto-exchange platforms.

MUSKBOT was built and tested by a group of experienced crypto technical team members, who successfully integrated large data analysis and industrial conditions for many years, establishing a set of high precision and flawless quant strategy algorithms on the cloud server.

MUSKBOT has been developed and rigorously tested by the our technical team in a real-world trading environment for years. Using years of data and market circumstances analysis, as well as the human aspect and Bitcoin trading pattern.


MUSKBOT is capable of generating buy and sell orders in milliseconds, successfully seizing the smallest gap opportunity of market movements for gains. The fundamental principle of Quant Trading is straightforward: Buy low and sell high!

The basic concept of MUSKBOT is straightforward. The most difficult component is determining the best price and timing to buy and sell. The shortest human-operated trade is approximately 3 seconds for a single trade placement, which is unequalled by MUSKBOT’s milliseconds, high-speed, recurring trade executions.